• Aug, 24-2023


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    We are back with the 7th edition of [Heroes' Mission Board]. Our service provides you with the latest hero's missions (a.k.a. job opportunities, competitions, and support) to help people who are lost in the "Labyrinth of Emotions." Join us today and become the hero the world needs. Together, we can make a difference.

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    1. Vocalist to Sing English Songs

    Needs to hire 2 Freelancers

    Female vocalist singer to sing English songs with provided backing track and lyrics. Songs are for a young audience, ideal singer must have a soothing voice and professional recording equipment, and can deliver quality wav files. Rates to be negotiated per song, there are multiple songs. Please share a vocal sample.


    2. Male & Female Actors That Can Sing Wanted for Mary Poppins Production in Addison, TX - Auditions September 2 & 3, 2023

    The WaterTower Theatre, Addison, TX are seeking Male & Female Actors that can sing and Ensembles for the production of Mary Poppins. Rehearsals: 6/18/24 - 7/16/24 Performances: 7/17/24 - 7/28/24 Please apply for full details.



    3.   Need Acoustic-Electric Guitar for a 3 Track Project

    I need grunge and punk acoustic and electric guitar melodies done for 3 pre recorded vocal tracks ive done. The inspiration for these tracks are based off a modern day Deftones, Nirvana sound similar to artists like ZillaKami, Trippie Redd or Machine Gun Kelly. The Guitar melodies will need to be built around the vocal tracks sent and once weve achieved the sound further production will be done on percussion and Bass by myself and other collaborative



    4.      Members for Boygroup

    Looking for ages 15-20 interested in creating a hip hop boygroup. The group will consist of rappers and singers, it really doesn't matter whether you are a beginner, intermediate or an expert as long as you are passionate, determined and ambitious to break into the industry and the Internet. I myself am a 18 year old boy just trying to create something and follow my dreams to make an impact. in the near future I myself would like to start my own record label where I can give and create opportunity for those looking to start somewhere. But for now my first goal is create a boygroup. it my be something big or it might turn into nothing, how could know if I don't take the risk.

    If you are really interested, please message me on here or on my:

    email - nicky505b@gmail.com

    instagram - kini.5555/nkbentertain


    5.     Male Vocalist Required for Fall Out Boy Cover

    Looking for a talented singer who can imitate and replicate the vocals of Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy for a cover of their song Dance Dance. Will require the vocalist the record the vocals and deliver the acapella file in .wav. I've attached a drum/bass backing for the singer to use as the backing track. If you could provide a snippet/audio sample of your vocals that would be ideal.



    6.     Looking for a Guitar Player That Would Learn Songs, Some Covers, Some Originals and Put Them to the Grid

    Looking for a guitar player that would learn songs, some covers, some originals, and put them to the grid. I'm a drummer, song writer, and vocalist. I don't have a band - I record with studio musicians through AG. When I do a cover tune that needs to be put to the grid, I need someone to do that knows how. Basically, I'm looking for someone to collaborate with to create songs.

    You can check me out at timbswishermusic.com

    Thanks, Tim Swisher


    7.   Seeking Multi-Instrumental Song Production

    I am looking for someone to produce a multi instrumental song production for an emotional and inspiring ballad. I want the person to have access to real instruments not electric. cellist, violin, some sort of drums, piano, guitar. Looking for a full sound.



    8.   Need a Professional Music Composer and Editor for My New Song!

    Hello Freelancer, I am going to launch a new song, and it is my first song also. I have written the song lyrics but I need Someone who can edit the audio and make a professional song for me. If I like your song, I will hire you for regular basis. Send the proposal with Your Past Works & If You're new To this so Please do not apply. Start the proposal with 1616 so I will know that you have read the description.


    9.   Male Singer to Sing an Original Blues Song

    I need a male singer to sing my original Blues Ballad song. Attaching my very raw demo. The song called "When a good man cries". I will provide lyrics, vocal reference, and an instrumental track. Song is about 5 minutes. We can switch the key to any because it's just a demo still. I will need work for hire and a full commercial release. Lead + harmonies delivered in an isolated wav files. Thank you for your offers :)




        10.  Seeking Male Vocalist With a Johnny Cash Style Voice

    This project is in the finishing stages. Lyrics, instrumental are all complete along with harmonies. This is a country Folk tale and requires a vocalist with a deep Johnny Cash style sound. Pleas contact me if you’re interested and we can arrange a hiring you on Airgigs. Everything will be supplied once we reach an agreement.

    Stephen Rider