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    We are back with the 6th edition of [Heroes' Mission Board]. Our service provides you with the latest hero's missions (a.k.a. job opportunities, competitions, and support) to help people who are lost in the "Labyrinth of Emotions." Join us today and become the hero the world needs. Together, we can make a difference.

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    1. Playlist Curator

    About Us

    -We are a digital marketing agency focused on the musical niche, so our clients are currently musical artists.

    -We are going to implement the service of adding artists' songs to Spotify playlists. This is the reason for this job offer. We are looking for someone with experience and influence to place artists' songs on both free and paid playlists.

    What is the Spotify Playlist Expert in charge of?

    -The expert must be in charge of placing the artists' songs on spotify playlists, both free and paid playlists.

    -Although in essence, the job is to increase the maximum number of monthly listeners and reproductions of the artist's songs through playlists.
    -We will work with artists of all kinds (of all styles, sizes, budgets…)
    Therefore, playlists must be chosen well, which are suitable for the type of artist according to their style and budget. (It's no use putting an artist on a hyperpop playlist if their genre is reggaeton) (And if the artist doesn't provide us with the budget to add them to paid playlists, you should get the maximum number of listeners and views through free playlists).
    -It is essential that the Spotify Playlist Expert already has experience and knowledge in placing artists' songs on playlists.

    Having said all this, we want to express that we are a newly created company, humble and inexperienced, but eager to learn and grow, until we provide great value to our customers. We are looking for experts to create a professional team with which to develop, but also to be great people to maintain a comfortable, efficient and enriching work environment for everyone.


    2.   Multi-Variety Live Band

    Multi-Variety Live Band Required for Event in Warlingham, Surrey, 27th or 28th August 2023.

    - Warlingham Surrey public

    - Up to 1500 attendees

    Please send availability and quotes.



    3.   Soul/Motown Band

    Soul / Motown Band needed for a small charity event (approx 50 people) to be held in Woburn sands (venue tbc).

    Looking for either 28th or 25th November. Budget of less than £500 due to small charity status but will be a well advertised event.



    4.      Soul/Motown Band (Islington, London)

    Soul / Motown Band needed for a pub looking to get live music back. There will be about 60 people here and just trying to bring live music back to this pub.


    5.     Re-Sing This Track for Cover Purpose

    heey! i have made a housey version of "Since U Been Gone Kelly Clarkson" i'm looking for a female that can re-sing and rerecord this vocal! i'm looking for a warm, soft and relax sounding voice. The original is a bit screamy in some ways, that not what i'm looking for! I'm looking for a person that's open to do this as a work for hire deal/buy out deal please only react if you think you really fit this job :-)



    6.     Need Lyrics and Melody

    I have produced an EDM/Pop instrumental that I’m going to be recording my vocals on. I need somebody to write me some catchy lyrics and the melody. i would like the lyrics to be in the style of the record “Stupid Feelings” by 220 KID


    7.   Seeking Electric Guitarist, Bass, Drummers to Make Punk Style Music

    Hi thank you for your interest, I'm an indepedent recording artist and practicing producer, I ususally make alternative, indie music for myself but for this project I am looking for skilled guitarists , drummers and bass players for long term and on-going work. I am wanting to create punk music, I can only do so much with that other than, record, write lyircs, lead and sing for it but would love to find people to work with to make the ideas and songs I hav e in mind become a reality. I am open and welcoming to your ideas that you would like to use and collobarate in creating this kind of music. My punk music inspirations as for now are: Amyl and the Sniffers, The Chats, RMFC, Stiff Richards, and other similar type of bands. For this since most of us do not live close to each other, your availability to record yourself and send over would be required. Time of delivery can be flexible within reasonable measures as we communicate. If interested please send me a message to chat more and get started! Best regards, Raven Kay



    8.   Seeking Dope Music Producer in Los Angeles for New Artist

    Hello talented producers of Los Angeles, Are you a music producer with a passion for creating groundbreaking beats and elevating emerging artists' sounds? If so, I'm thrilled to connect with you! I am a brand new artist eager to make my mark in the music industry. While I don't have any recorded songs just yet, I have a deep understanding of music and the industry, and I'm determined to create a unique and impactful musical journey. My style is a fusion of Trap Soul with Travis Scott type beat vibes, and I'm also drawn to gaming fantasy-inspired beats that transport listeners to otherworldly realms. I'm looking for a music producer who can masterfully blend these elements with my Middle Eastern background, infusing my beats with rich cultural flavors. Additionally, I'm keen on incorporating sultry Afrobeats music to get people on their feet and dancing. A prime example of my preferred sound can be found in Yameii Online's tracks. One of my favorite songs is "Sad Girls Luv Money" by Kali Uchis, inspiration from her captivating style and emotive performances. Now, here's where you come in! I need a producer who shares my passion for music and creativity, someone who can take my vision and elevate it to new heights. You'll be an essential part of my music journey, helping me bring my sound to life and ensuring each beat resonates with listeners on a profound level. As a young and massive creator, I'm eager to collaborate with someone who understands my vision, is time-efficient, and possesses an unyielding dedication to crafting dope beats. Your expertise in music production, along with the ability to master and mix my songs flawlessly, will be instrumental in creating a sound that captivates the world. If you're as passionate about music as I am, and you're excited about embarking on this journey together, I can't wait to hear from you! Please share your portfolio and any examples of previous work that showcase your exceptional skills. Let's make magic in the studio and create music that leaves a lasting impact on the hearts of many! Looking forward to connecting with you,


    9.   Singer for Finished Love Song

    Hello, I have a handful of songs already finished except it needs vocals. This song is called " Butterflies " The lyrics go with the music. Double layer the chorus. And the bridge with a solo. Has lyrics to match the solo. The bridge is the climax for the song. You have a voice that can make this song a reality. Let me know if your interested in doing some singing on it.




        10.  Seeking Male Vocalist - Americana, 50's Doo Wop, Swoon Pop, Pop

    I have two tracks in the style listed above. The tracks are fully written and demo'd. Lead vocals and backups..... I need a short vocal test before I can go to the tracking stage so I know the vocal fits the genre/ track and know in which key in to record the backings. Although it says commercial release below... this is actually a library music/ production music track. It won't be released by a record label but a library music company for possible use in media productions (TV,Film,Radio etc). It may get released onto streaming platforms but there will be no physical copies, no radio play and no press or promotion to the public. I'm looking for a vocal that would sit alongside the following artists/ tracks - Stephan Sanchez Lord Huron Buddy Holly Bridge - Darling Kidsnot$aints - 60's Baby Think David Lynch / Tarantino... If you think your voice would fit this project then I'll send all the bits you'd need to put in a quick test and make sure we're able to make this work....