• Dec, 26-2022

    Jin from BTS Enlisted in South Korean Army

    BTS's twitter account read: “My brother! Come back safe! We love you!”

    Jin, the oldest member of the K-Pop supergroup BTS, became first among the members to begin mandatory military service.

    On Dec 11, Jin posted a photo of himself in a new military haircut, saying “LOL. I look cuter than expected.”

    Two days later on Dec 13, Jin entered the military training bootcamp near the North Korean border. BTS members, RM, Suga, J-Hope, V, Jimin, and Jungkook, gave him a warm send-off.


    (BTS saying goodbye to Jin)

    BTS's twitter account read: “My brother! Come back safe! We love you!”

    Questions over whether BTS should be exempt from conscription has bubbled for years, considering their contribution to the South Korean economy and enhanced national prestige. 

    Despite the heated debate, the Bit Hit Label announced in October this year that all seven members would fulfill their duties in the military. This puts the band naturally on an official hiatus and all members will focus on their solo careers.

    RM, the leader of the band, appeared on the KBS News on Dec 18. and said that the `enlistment of Jin in the military feels as if a chapter has passed.’.“I have mixed feelings.  [...] It was a moment that had to come, and it really felt like we were experiencing the turning of a page in the life of BTS.” he added. 

    Jin is expected to serve for 18 months and return in June 2024. 

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    Serena Yeon
    Content Creator / Writer; CHARTIN Music