• Nov, 28-2022

    EXO Member Xiumin Makes His Solo Debut With “Brand New”

    K-pop boy group EXO was very popular during the early period of 3rd generation and still has a very big fandom even now. EXO member Xiumin had taken a long hiatus in his music activities after his military enlistment starting back in 2019, and finally made a debut as a solo artist after 10 years since his debut as an EXO member. The album has a total of 5 tracks, including the title track “Brand New”, the songs are Xiumin’s interpretation of 90’s and 00’s music or what is commonly known as Y2K music.

    EXO Xiumin debut as a solo artist with "Brand New" after long hiatus in the music industry

    After mandatory military enlistment, EXO’s eldest member Xiumin makes his debut as a solo artist 10 years following his debut in EXO. 

    Xiumin’s debut album, “Brand New,” was released on Monday, Sept. 26. The album has an overall vibe of 90’s and 00’s era pop or sometimes more commonly known as Y2K songs, written and produced through Xiumin’s own interpretation of the era. 

    K-pop boy group EXO was one of the most popular and prominent groups during the early period of the 3rd generation and currently still has one of the biggest fandoms in K-pop. EXO's last comeback was back in 2021 with their mini album “Don’t Fight The Feeling,” but their last show as a whole group was during “Love Shot.” It might be a while until EXO can resume as a complete group with one of the members still enlisted in the military, and two more members being set to enlist in the military soon, but Xiumin carries on their legacy masterfully. 

    The mini album contains a total of five tracks including the title track “Brand New.” The title piece has an old school vibe pop-dance song with an addictive hook. The lyrics of the song itself is wittily written, expressing a man’s promise to show a new and changed side of him to the one he loves. The other songs in his debut mini album are titled, “How We Do,” “Feedback,” “Serenity,” and “Love Letter.”

    When asked why he had chosen to interpret 90’s and 00’s pop for his solo album, the singer answered that the era was his most listened to and influenced him the most. He also added that he still likes Y2K music so much and wanted to experiment with a modern sound more personal to him and his own style. 

    When asked about the difference between music then and now, Xiumin noted that music was relatively simple at that time and evoked a lot of emotions, while music these days is one that you listen to with your ears and brings to light a lot of information at the same time.

    Xiumin teased a ballad-focused solo album for next year in the behind- the-music video clip that was released. It is safe to say that we can expect more music both from Xiumin and EXO in the near future.

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    Grace Emanuella

    Content Creator / Writer; CHARTIN Music