• Oct, 02-2022

    Latest in Latin Music: Becky G, Anuel AA, Ozuna y más

    Check out this week's best Latin music picks below.

    Check out this week's best Latin music picks below.

    Amantes by Becky G, Daviles de Novelda

    A song about estranged lovers, Becky G embraces a hypnotic bachata rhythm alongside Daviles de Novelda in “Amantes.” “Even though time has passed, I keep reminiscing on those days, you’d bombard me with flowers,” sings Becky G. The song fuses flamenco and rap, making for a fiery, romantic track. “Forgive me my love, I won’t fail you, I only want to love you.”’

    La Que Se Fue by Codiciado, Santa Fe Klan, Pitt Blanco 

    Codiciado, Santa Fe Klan and Pitt Blanco bring to life a beautiful, melancholic track about the sadness that comes after a breakup with “La Que Se Fue.” A modern corrido with hip-hop/rap influences, its lyrics grieve the loss of that special woman while also taking accountability for mistakes made.

    Brother by Anuel AA

    In “Brother,” Puerto Rican rapper Anuel AA experiments with alternative wave, fusing the synthesizer with Spanish-language rap verses about brotherhood. While the song’s core message gets lost among the tiresome themes of sex and drugs, its catchy, upbeat tune leaves listeners wanting more from the trap legend. 

    La Copa by Ozuna

    Backed by an electric guitar, “La Copa” by Ozuna marries the best of Anglo and Latin music. Its use of the drums is akin to that of a Katy Perry song (Teenage Dream?), championing a magnetic pop rock beat. 

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    Nancy Sanchez-Diaz
    Content Creator / Writer; CHARTIN Music