• Sep, 29-2022

    NIKI Paid Tribute to Her Younger Self with Her Recently Released Album “Nicole”

    Before she became the globally known “NIKI”, she was known as Nicole Zefanya, an Indonesian musician Youtuber.

    NIKI from 88rising released a new album on August 11th, the album was named “Nicole”.

    Before she became the globally known “NIKI”, she was known as Nicole Zefanya, an Indonesian musician youtuber. She created songs that told her story, the ups and downs, the love and drama of her life.

    Nicole shows NIKI returning to her singer-songwriter roots in a thoughtfully crafted coming-of-age period that sees present-day NIKI meeting her teenage self.

    This recently released album includes remakes of some of her original songs that were most loved by the public, when she was still Nicole Zefanya. She also added a new song within the album called “High School in Jakarta”, the song describes the struggles and the daily lives of being a high school student in Jakarta.

    Although different people might have different experiences and views on their high school life, NIKI wrote the song about hers and her friends’ and even if it is not relatable to certain individuals, it is still a fun song to listen to.

    NIKI shared that she did a deep dive through her archived videos of her Youtube Channel that she made when she was in middle school and realized that those songs are where her heart’s truly at. She also mentioned that while creating “Nicole” she felt carefree and energized, she also learned to trust her gut and have confidence as a songwriter.

    NIKI also released a short film “But I’m Letting Go” to go alongside the album on Amazon Music and Prime Video on August 18th. This short film was also available for a few screenings in New York, Los Angeles and Jakarta.

    NIKI is currently on her first ever headlining North American Tour called “The Nicole Tour” which started in Vancouver on September 8th and ending the tour in Los Angeles on October 22nd.

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    Grace Emanuella

    Content Creator / Writer; CHARTIN Music