• May, 14-2022

    FREE MUSIC FEEDBACK: Why feedbacks are important

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    But we're here to give you a 100% discount for your first feedback. 


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    Why you should get feedback on your music

    Let's be honest. We love our own music. We love it so much that we forget to view it objectively. I think some people feel that the opinions of others are not important and that they do not need to be verified. 

    However, even the best music are often forgotten due to 'wrong delivery, branding, and curation.' Like how innocent words can cause misunderstandings in a relationship. 

    The key is proper delivery. 

    Accepting the fact that we're different. Feedback will provide you a perspective that you cannot find out on your own. 

    Post Malone's music used to get rejected all the time. His musical talent was evidently there. But it wasn't discovered properly until he blew up with 'White Iverson.' 

    Can you find out what were the missing pieces for him? Was it Youtube? Was it his dreadlock? 


    In brief, we need quality feedback.

    In this article, I'll introduce you ways to get constructive feedback. And we will give you an opportunity to receive 1 free feedback that is worth $15 after reading this article. 


    The truth is that there is no fancy strategy here. But there are some things to consider. 

    1. Be specific in your request

    There are no issues with listening to general comments and posts. But if you ask for feedback on a certain aspect of your song (composition, tuning, sound, etc.), you will receive very detailed and practical advice.

    2. Ask your question correctly

    Sorry, but "Hey Check Out My YouTube Please" does not work well. 

    You should express your request professionally and respectfully, but be concise. In a few lines, politely introduce yourself and speak to your audience, make your own request and thank the person you are calling for their time.

    If you can evaluate someone in advance (communication, vision, etc.), you will increase your chances of getting a response. 

    3. Accept criticism

    The best way to avoid someone's reactions is to reject all the reactions they give you. For example, if you ask for an opinion and try to justify it, they will notice that it is a waste of time and will forget about you, for fear of admitting that your vote is not ready.

    Of course, you will receive an opinion that you do not agree with. Sometimes the answer is justified, sometimes not, sometimes it hurts. But whatever it is, it’s always best to be grateful for the suggestions and act on the points you agree with. Don’t try to argue with the person who is commenting on you so that you end up right, because the person you’re talking to is just trying to help you.


    Reviewing your music and getting feedback are essential to our music career. 

    CHARTIN offers 3 long professional feedbacks from experts for $15. 

    But we're here to give you a 100% discount and provide you free feedback. 

    Because we want you to experience true feedback at least once in your life. 

    Join us now & enjoy our premium feedback. 

    In order to receive the free feedback, please register yourself and request 'feedback service.'

    Upon receiving full review of the service, CHARTIN will fully refund money spent. (upto 1 max) 

    For more detail, please visit our tutorial video here.