• Apr, 29-2022


    Are you an expert? This is how to use CHARTIN for the first time!

    CHARTIN Tutorial for Expert

    (watch the video below ↓) ✨

    Expert tutorial 

    CHARTIN is a free space and community for musicians to connect with experts like you. 

    Let me show you how you can connect with musicians in our platform and foster a hero: 

    Sign up (Audition)

    We are an exclusive and private community of heroes. You must be willing to show and prove your potential to raise and foster a musician so they can be heroes. 

    Please take your time drafting audition application. We'll only accept those who meet our standard.

    Approval process can take up to 3 to 5 days. 


    There are 9 main categories of experts.

    These experts will earn a chance to be a trainer in 'CHARTIN HERO ACADEMY.'

    1. Playlister 

    If you own or manage any music playlist on platforms including Spotify, Youtube, Twitch, and more - you are considered as 'Playlister.'

    2. Feedbacker

    If you have extensive knowledge and/or passion on specific genre of music, you will be considered as Feedbacker.  

    3. Promoter

    If you can promote and market your client's song one way or another, you will be considered as Promoter. 

    4. Influencer

    If you have your own social media channel with fans, you will be considered as an Influencer. 

    5. Magazine Editor 

    If you write for your magazine, news, or blogs, you will be considered as a Magazine Editor. 

    6. Record Label Manager/CEO

    If you run your own label, you'll be considered as Record Label Manager. 

    7. A&R

    If you can prove your understanding and knowledge of artist A&R - or have extensive amount of experience in artist management, you'll be considered an A&R. 

    8. Producer

    If you can produce and manage music for musicians, you'll be considered a Producer. 

    9. Sound Engineer 

    If you possess right ability and skill to mix and master audio files, you'll be considered a Sound Engineer. 

    10. Others

    Show us who you are

    Sign in 

    Please type in your login id & password. 

    Musician List

    Not sure what to do next? 

    Let's meet our heroes.

    You can click on top left corner of our main website to view list of musicians who are waiting for your help. 

    They are likely out of these three main services. 


    Our feedback service is comprehensive. With $30, musicians receive 3 distinct feedbacks. 

    You can provide them feedback by clicking this button here and filling in required information. Please read musicians' service need carefully and fully listen to their music before providing any feedback. 

    Our feedbacks are premium. We ensure quality of feedback through 'two strike out' policy at which we kick out any experts who fail to abide by our policy. 

    What's the policy?

    In short, try your best and show some dedication. If your musician reports you for deficient service quality & we agree after careful review, you'll get kicked out of our platform and never be able to return again. 

    But no worries. We have list of requirements and policy ready at our newsroom for you to take into consideration. 


    Are you an expert who can provide promotion related services? 

    Click on musicians who wish to pursue promotion, offer them services based on their needs, and conduct the project accordingly. 

    Only communicate with your musicians through our chat function.

    If you find out that you've been communicating elsewhere without a valid cause, we will indefinitely pause your account. 


    Are you a sound engineer? 

    Find the list of musicians wanting to mix/master their music here. 

    Click on this button to listen to their music and service needs, then offer them services. 

    Offer Service 


    you'll automatically be guaranteed to get paid after providing the service. 

    You'll get paid $7.5 per feedback. And if you get chosen as the best feedbacker out of all three, you'll get paid $10.

    For experts who provide quality service consistently, we return to you whole commission at the end of the month. 

    But as I said - try your best. With two deficient feedbacks, you may never get a chance to come back. 

    Promotion and mix/master. 

    After you offer service to a musician, you'll compete with 2 to 4 different experts like you. 

    If you get chosen by the musician, you'll get paid right away. 

    But remember, you have to keep your promises with your musician. If you failed to meet our guideline and policy - we have right to extract all your budget and return it to musician even after withdrawal. 

    Get Paid/Withdrawal 


    So what is withdrawal? Getting paid 💵

    We allow you to withdraw your money in two ways: paypal & bank transfer via payoneer. 

    You can type in required information here and request payment from us at the beginning of every withdrawal cycle. 

    Withdrawal cycle is once a month: 1st of every month. 



    You can also try to level up on our badge system. 

    With more quality services you provide, you'll earn your silver and gold badges. 

    Musicians are more likely to choose you when you have a higher level of badge.

    Same goes the opposite. If you provide poor services, your badge will turn black. 


    Also. Keep an eye on our newsroom articles.

    We help you succeed by providing you articles that will educate, inspire, and update you on music related information. 

    Conference Room

    If you have any question, consider entering our conference room.

    Here, you can question and answer any inquiries with your peers.

    You may also find a valuable connection here. Network! 

    For more details, please check our newsroom article on it. 

    And for any extra inquiries, feel free to reach out to our chatbot, Dino at the right bottom of our website! 

    Hope to see you soon, hero.