• Mar, 01-2022

    Expert Service

    For a lot of curators and promoters, staying on top of your game is nearly impossible. That's why CHARTIN exists.

    Can music save people?

    Yes. CHARTIN believes that all musicians are heroes. 


    CHARTIN is a free space and community for musicians to connect with experts like you. 

    Who are the experts?

    There are 9 main categories of experts.

    These experts will earn a chance to be a trainer in 'CHARTIN HERO ACADEMY.'

    1. Playlister 

    If you own or manage any music playlist on platforms including Spotify, Youtube, Twitch, and more - you are considered as 'Playlister.'

    2. Feedbacker

    If you have extensive knowledge and/or passion on specific genre of music, you will be considered as Feedbacker.  

    3. Promoter

    If you can promote and market your client's song one way or another, you will be considered as Promoter. 

    4. Influencer

    If you have your own social media channel with fans, you will be considered as an Influencer. 

    5. Magazine Editor 

    If you write for your magazine, news, or blogs, you will be considered as a Magazine Editor. 

    6. Record Label Manager/CEO

    If you run your own label, you'll be considered as Record Label Manager. 

    7. A&R

    If you can prove your understanding and knowledge of artist A&R - or have extensive amount of experience in artist management, you'll be considered an A&R. 

    8. Producer

    If you can produce and manage music for musicians, you'll be considered a Producer. 

    9. Sound Engineer 

    If you possess right ability and skill to mix and master audio files, you'll be considered a Sound Engineer. 

    10. Others

    Show us who you are! 


    Earn money

    When an artist sends you a promotion or mix/master request, they're asking for your help. If you respond in time with expected plan and budget, you'll be considered as a candidate. And if you get chosen, you'll be able to serve musician's need and earn payment via Paypal or Payoneer. In our alpha test - our experts earned up to $20,000 a month. Please break the record! 

    Copyright permissions

    If you run Radio stations or YouTube playlist channels know how important it is to secure copyright permission to upload and share an artist's music. CHARTIN has a built-in copyright sign-off system that makes the process super easy for you.

    Quick customer support

    The team behind CHARTIN is small, but we're quick when it comes to answering questions. If you're stuck or need help with something, you'll pretty much always get a response that day.

    For labels

    Discover new talent and open conversations with prospective artists. You can also re-invest any credits you earn to submit your roster's music to blogs and playlisters.

    Ditch the emails

    Overflowing inbox? We know how that feels. That's why we built a chatting system that allows you to connect with artists in real-time. You'll be able to manage everything from CHARTIN - no emailing required.

    How do I sign up as a curator, promoter, influencer or label?

    Step 1: Create a user account 
    Step 2: Fill out a quick form and Audition! 
    Step 3: We'll approve you