• Mar, 01-2022

    Musician Service

    Are you a Musician? Join the community.

    Can music save people?

    We believe music can save people. And thus, we believe that all musicians have potential to become a hero.

    But even Heroes need Trainers. Like Harry to Eggsy from the movie 'King's Man.'

    That's why CHARTIN exists. We help you find trainers. 

    We connect musicians to experts who can provide following three services. 

    1. Feedback
    2. Promotion
    3. Mix/Master

    Feedback - If you need feedback from music professionals or want to listen to other's opinion about your music.

    Promotion - If you aim to promote your music. 

    Mix/Master - If you struggle to make your music more crispy. 

    How it works


    CHARTIN allows you to receive 3 feedbacks from 3 experts who each come from distinct background.

    You can conveniently send your music within 3 minutes. 

    You simply have to provide a link to the music you wish to get feedback, then pay to proceed.

    Every transaction that happens in CHARTIN platform is safely guarded and guaranteed. 

    If a feedbacker decides that they want to feedback your song, they'll listen to your music and give you a comprehensive feedback. 

    Sometimes, you may feel like the feedback you received do not make sense.

    Other times, you may face careless and rude feedbacks that doesn't really help you to grow. 

    CHARTIN truly cares about all members, and will go above and beyond to protect your rights. 

    If you find certain feedback careless, deficient, or below standard - please take a screenshot of the entire feedback and send it to us at info@chartinmusic.com.

    We'll give you a 100% refund and penalize experts in case of violation.
    Now that you know a little bit about how CHARTIN works, you should be well-equipped to start requesting! 


    CHARTIN platform is a collection of verified industry experts and musicians who seek professional help. 

    We're specialized in matching musicians to experts - after verifying them rigorously. 

    In promotion service, you can request following services. 

    There are many different factors that we consider when it comes to screening experts candidates, including:

    - Applicant’s qualifications
    - Whether they are a good cultural fit
    - If they have the required hard skills for the job

    Our screening process is strict. We only accept 5-10% of total applicants. 


    Finding the best mixing and mastering services for your music in 2022 is an essential part in the process of releasing music.

    Without a mix or master, your tracks will sound lifeless, dull, & all the horrible words you can think of.

    And, often music producers will outsource the mixing and mastering task, to someone more experienced, to get a good, overall, balanced sound that’s professional.

    In CHARTIN, we have hundreds of mix/master engineers who can transform your music.

    We go through rigorous screening process for these mix/master engineers as well. 

    There are commonly asked questions for mix/master such as

    - What’s The Difference Between Mixing & Mastering
    - What Does A Mixing & Mastering Engineer Do?
    - How Much Should Mixing & Mastering Cost?
    - Is It Better To Pay For Mixing & Mastering, or Do it Myself?
    - Is AI Mastering Worth it?
    - Best Mixing & Mastering Services 2022
    - Human Mixing and Mastering Services

    You can find answers to these questions here.