• Feb, 15-2022

    Musician Tutorial: How to use CHARTIN for the first time!

    Are you a musician? This is how to use CHARTIN for the first time!

    CHARTIN Tutorial for Musician

    (watch the video below ↓) ✨

    Musician tutorial 

    CHARTIN is a virtual hero academy that fosters future talents who can save the world with music. 

    Follow these steps closely so you can one day save someone too. 

    We help you increase your influence with the right branding and marketing ideas. 

    Sign up (Audition)

    We are an exclusive and private community of heroes. You must be willing to show and prove your potential to become a music hero. 

    All we ask from musicians now is willingness to invest time and resources into producing good music. 

    Please take your time drafting audition application. We'll only accept those who meet our standard.

    Approval process can take up to 3 to 5 days. 

    Sign in 

    Please type in your login id & password. 


    Not sure what to do next? 

    We have a diagnosis ready for you. 

    Select your budget and list of activities & our AI expert will suggest you services. 

    What was your AI's suggestion? 

    They are likely out of these three main services. 

    1. Feedback 

    Our feedback service is comprehensive. With $30, you'll receive 3 distinct feedbacks from our experts with unique industry background. 

    Our feedbacks are premium. We ensure quality of feedback not only through rigorous approval process, but also through 'two strike out' policy at which we kick out any experts who fail to abide by our policy more than once. 

    Let us know if you're unsatisfied with feedbacks you received. If they don't meet CHARTIN standard, we'll refund you. 

    2. Promotion 

    Are you interested in promoting your music effectively? We help you find industry experts who can assist. 

    Attach your music, Type in your budget and campaign length, Write your service needs. And Send. 

    You'll receive 3 to 5 offers within the next day or two to choose from. 

    Open up each offer and read them carefully. 

    Consider candidates' industry experience, portfolio, and dedications demonstrated through personalized offers. 

    With the expert of your choice, begin pursuing your goal. 

    3. Mix/Master 

    Interested in mix/master? We have specialists for you ready.

    Attach your music, list any service needs you have, and Send. 

    Within one or two days, you'll receive 3 to 5 service offers. 

    Consider candidates' industry experience, portfolio, and dedications demonstrated through personalized offers. 

    With your choice of an engineer, begin mixing mastering.


    Wait. It can't be that easy. 

    You're right. It takes right investment for one to become a hero. 

    With services as valuable as ours, there's no need to hesitate. 

    You can pay your expert directly through credit card transaction through our platform. 

    And we strongly recommend you to make transaction through our platform 'only'. 

    Why? Because only then we can protect you from any fraud. 


    For the same reason, try to keep your conversation with experts within CHARTIN platform only.

    If you pay or chat outside our platform, we have very limited ways to help you recover in case of any malfunction or fraud. 


    After receiving your service, you can leave a review for your expert. 

    Your honest review keeps this community more valuable. Out of users who left review, selected few will receive Starbucks Coupon every month. 


    Also. Keep an eye on our newsroom articles.

    We help you succeed by providing you articles that will educate, inspire, and update you on music related information. 

    Conference Room

    If you have any question, consider entering our conference room.

    Here, you can question and answer any inquiries with your peers.

    You may also find a valuable connection here. Network! 

    Premium Membership 

    Looking for something that sky rocket your musical capacity

    Consider joining premium club! 

    By receiving premium club, you'll get all of the followings for free: 

    A. Monthly Pitching to 4000 global labels 

    B. Premium newsletter with exclusive information

    C. Personalized training scheme 'Get Higher' 

    For more details, please check our newsroom article on it. 

    And for any extra inquiries, feel free to reach out to our chatbot, Dino at the right bottom of our website! 

    Hope to see you soon, hero.