• Feb, 11-2022


    Did you just join our premium service? Here's what you can expect

    All you need to know about being a Premium Member.

    Premium Members enjoy exclusive new benefits:

    1. Pitching to Global Labels

    We pitch your bio to  4000 music labels globally every month. 

    2. Premium Newletter

    In-depth music industry stories you won't find anywhere else. 

    3. Get Higher

    A service guided to help artist jump to next level. Lessons include ways to utilize instagram to strengthen fan base. 

    4. Mental Health

    A professional guide for your mental health problem. We will send you a weekly mental health newsletter to help you cope with stress and depression. 


    Can I cancel anytime?
    Yes, you can change your mind and cancel anytime. 
    You’ll be charged after your membership at the beginning of every month.

    How is Premium Newsletter different from Regular Newsletter?

    You’ll be notified of important music industry insights that will help you move faster than your peers. We have network of industry experts and scholars will provide us with insider news every month. 

    How will you pitch my bio? Do I get a copy of pitch? 
    CHARTIN provides music industry insights to over 4000 music labels around the world. As an effort to support our premium members, we've decided to include their bio in the email that we send. We may contact you for further information. 

    Where can I learn more about Subscriptions?
    Email us at info@chartinmusic.com