Take frequent breaks while mixing - [CREATIVE TIP]

Take frequent breaks while working on your sounds. A very important part of the production and revision process is taking breaks to freshen your ears. While there may be some value in alternative listening options, a more valuable means of refreshing your ear is to take short but frequent breaks while mixing. This might sound awkward if you’re working at a commercial studio and paying an hourly rate. Yeah, That’s another advantage to mixing in the box in your own home studio😉. If I’m working remotely it’s particularly easy; I keep track of my actual work time and don’t charge for those breaks doing the dishes (complete that next gta mission😁) to refresh my ear. If I’m working with the artist present, I still do most of the mix work before they arrive so that we can focus on the fine and more complex details—and so I can use frequent breaks to really prepare for focusing on those details. 🥁What do you think about this creative tip?

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